Housing and Public Utilities


In Russia the deterioration of existing heating and electrical public infrastructure averages 60%. This results in:

  • increasing number of blackouts caused by inconformity of public utilities infrastructure to the existing energy safety requirements;
  • increasing energy intensity due to the use of expensive and harmful fuels, such as mazut or diesel;
  • increasing electricity and heating bills for individual and commercial consumers due to low energy efficiency of centralized CHP plants;
  • electricity and heating capacities falling behind increasing number of consumers.

Energy Efficient Solution for Public Utilities

Integrated engineering company BPC Engineering is a leading provider of energy efficient technologies and advanced equipment for the distributed energy generation market. Taking advantage of the world's best practices BPC offers solutions that meet the most crucial needs of the country's public utilities. BPC Engineering designs, installs and operates Capstone microturbine-based packaged power plants with power output ranging from 15kW to 20MW under own trademark ENEX (Energy Expert).

The ENEX onsite power plants feature a row of competitive values including, first of all, fast ROI (2-4 years), low cost of engineering, installation and operation, load flexibility, compact size and «green» operation. High efficiency of BPC's solutions is achieved through the implementation of cutting-edge cogeneration (combined heating and power) and trigeneration (combined cooling, heating and power) technologies. Total efficiency of such gas-fired plants can exceed 92%. ENEX mini-CCHP plants are a perfect solution for office buildings, public and commercial structures, sports and health complexes, hotels, restaurants and recreational centers. The main loads of such sites usually include climate control systems and utility systems. Microturbine-based trigeneration plants allow organizing centralized air conditioning without electrical climate control units improving overall energy efficiency of a facility.

ENEX plants efficiently operate using not only standard gas fuels, such as natural gas and LNG, but also low-BTU and sour gases including associated petroleum gas, coal-bed methane and biogas. This fuel flexibility significantly expands the scope of the plants applications. The most relevant application of biogas microturbine units is auxiliary power at wastewater treatment facilities. 1kW•h of electricity generated from biogas costs as low as 0.2-0.4 US cents, which is 10 times lower than average utilities rates.

Implementation of Capstone microturbines at urban and district boiler houses provides reduction of power supply-associated expenditures by 1.5-2.5 times. In this application a utility grid acts as a standby power source. Thanks to the high CHP efficiency of microturbines (up to 92%) the ROI of a mini-CHP plant at boiler houses does not exceed 2-4 years.

BPC's solutions fully comply with the Russian regulations for energy efficiency of public utilities infrastructure. For more than 13 years technologies implemented by BPC have been proving that distributed generating systems perfectly complement traditional big energy industry.


  • Construction and renovation of urban and district boiler houses.
  • Renovation and energy performance programs at industrial facilities.
  • Reduction of energy costs, increase of energy supply reliability, and renewable energy source use at housing and public utilities: sewer utilities, municipal wastewater treatment plants, landfills, and waste recycling facilities.
  • Heat and power supply of remote and isolated settlements, replacement of obsolete diesel power plants with reliable and efficient gas mini-power stations.
  • Combined (heat and power / cooling, heat and power) generation or emergency power for social facilities: sports and health complexes, swimming pools and water parks, schools and kindergartens, hotels, business and office centers, shopping malls, transportation and communications utilities.
  • Power supply of home communities, new housing blocks, and private houses located in off-grid areas.

Practical Experience

Today onsite gas turbine power plants are widely recognized in Russia. For 12 years of operation BPC Engineering has implemented more than 250 projects for CHP installations with more than 200MW of total power output. BPC's onsite plants supply reliable power to various municipal entities, public utilities, shopping malls, schools and hospitals, stadiums and water parks, hotels, telecom and transportation companies, oil&gas extraction facilities, and various industrial enterprises.

Capstone C65-based CHP plant of the water supply facility #4, Yakutsk

Capstone C65-based CHP plant of the water supply facility #4, Yakutsk

Excellent operational features and high thermal production make microturbines an efficient solution for mini-CHP plants, urban or district boiler houses, and private houses. Such projects have been implemented for Sakhaenergo, Mytishchi Heating Network, Kvadra and other companies. Implementation of Capstone microturbines during upgrade of boiler houses in Mytishchi and Belgorod regions allowed organizing an efficient and reliable heat and power supply. The CHP plant includes 2 Capstone C60 microturbines with heat recovery modules. Excess of heat and electricity are diverted into utility grid reducing payback period of the plant. In 2013 a CHP plant based on 3 Capstone C65 microturbines was commissioned at the boiler house of Troitsky village, Belgorod region. The plant operates in parallel with the grid and heat generated by the microturbines is diverted into common heating circuit of the boiler house contributing to overall fuel efficiency of the facility.

Solemn commissioning of a Capstone-based CHP plant in Tyaya village (Yakutia)

Solemn commissioning of a Capstone-based CHP plant in Tyaya village (Yakutia)

Another project on the implementation of power efficient solutions BPC performed for Sakhaenergo Utility Company. The project implied the replacement of standalone diesel power plants with advanced CHP microturbine power stations in two remote villages of Yakutia. The mini-CHP plants provide reliable electricity as well as thermal power for heating.

BPC Engineering's client portfolio includes hundreds of various enterprises such as the Far East Generating Company, Belgorodenergo, Mytishchi Heating Network, KVADRA, Apteki 36.6, Gazprom, RussNeft, LUKOIL, TNK-BP, ROSTELECOM, and many others.