Implementation of any power generating equipment and power conservation solutions should be preceded by energy audit. This helps avoid useless expenses on energy project implementation, find out new ways to conserve energy and optimize overall energy supply of the facility.
BPC Engineering offers full-fledged energy audit for enterprises in various industries. More than 10-year experience in designing, installing and maintaining energy generating facilities, optimizing power supply systems and implementing energy efficient technologies allows us to render highly qualified advisory, project and management services associated with energy audit. We develop methodology guidelines and technical solutions aimed at the increase of power supply reliability, quality and efficiency.
Energy audit provides objective data on factual electricity and heat consumption, find out drawbacks and weaknesses of existing heat and electrical supply systems as well as defines potential capabilities to optimize energy consumption and accordingly save money through the implementation of recommendations.

Energy audit will provide you with the following:

  • Energy performance certificate.
  • All-round energy conservation plan with recommendations on the reduction of energy resources consumption and the list of suitable energy-efficiency measures with indication of payback periods and possible investment sources.
  • Technical recommendations for equipment.


  • Complex energy audit of enterprises and buildings with issuance of energy performance certificate;
  • Development of recommendations, practices and measures for heat and electricity conservation;
  • Preparation of a comprehensive energy conservation plan for the enterprise;
  • Development of feasibility studies for projects of electricity, heat and cooling supply systems renovation.
  • Implementation of a energy management system for energy consumption monitoring.
  • Implementation of innovative energy generating solutions for resource and energy conservation including using renewable resources: design, engineering, equipment supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

We perform energy audit in the following applications:

1. Energy audit of electrical lines and electrical loads.

  • Analysis of power supply system.
  • Analysis of transformer substations and power factor regulation systems operation.
  • Inspection of main electrical loads.
  • Inspection of lighting system.
  • Evaluation of electrical balance and electrical system losses.

2. Analysis of water supply and drain systems.

3. Energy audit of heating systems.

  • Analysis of heat supply systems.
  • Audit of boilers.
  • Inspection of heating and hot water systems.
  • Analysis of heat loads.
  • Heat balance.

4. Inspection of compressor systems, pneumatic piping and loads.

5. Analysis of cooling equipment operation.

BPC Engineering has all the necessary certificates and licenses to perform all-round energy consulting, energy management and energy audit services.

Energy Audit of Enterprises

Energy audit and the implementation of energy-efficient technologies provide companies with the status of an energy-efficient enterprise. Some of enterprises in Russia are subject to regular energy audit in accordance with legislation. Current Russian laws (#261-FL) provide for big penalties to companies that miss energy audit deadlines.

In accordance with Article #16 of Federal Law #261 dated 23.11.2009 the following enterprises are subject to energy audit every 5 years:

  • goverment agencies: federal and local authorities (if they have legal identity);
  • enterprises that have state or municipal units in their structure;
  • companies that are engaged in the regulated types of activities;
  • manufacturers or shippers of water, natural gas, heat and/or electricity, petroleum products as well as companies engaged in extraction and processing of natural gas, coal and petroleum;
  • companies having total expenses on electricity and heat, and natural gas, coal, diesel and other types of fuels exceeding 10 000 000 Rubles in one year;
  • companies that are partially or totally funded for energy supply and energy efficiency by national budget (federal, local or municipal).

Besides that BPC Engineering recommends energy audit for the companies looking for cutting annual energy expenses and optimizing energy intensity of their operations. Our experience and research data show that latent power supply potential reaches 30% to 45%.

We perform energy audit of the following facilities:

  • oil&gas industry,
  • housing and prublic utilities,
  • industrial plants,
  • social infrastructure.