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Power plant ENEX 65 has been shipped to Uzbekistan

Press Release
May 12, 2017

BPC Engeneering has shipped equipment for APG utilization project on Uzbekneftegaz oilfields. The project is carried out under the World Bank-led Global Gas Flaring Reduction Partnership (GGFR). Power plant ENEX 65 will be placed on Turtsari oilfield in Qashqadaryo province. The equipment is designed for the utilization of APG from the flare system to generate electrical energy for the oil field's own needs. A gas containing 0.05% of H2S will be used as a fuel. It will be supplied to the power plant without the use of complicated gas conditioning systems. The project is intended to reduce harmful emissions and improve ecological situation at the place.

Power plant ENEX 65 is designed in a compact container, which reduces installation and commission time. In the container there is special ventilation and air conditioning system, ensuring high reliability and efficiency of equipment in desert conditions, where there are dust storms almost 180 days a year, the temperature in summer often rises to 50 °C, while the surface can heat up to 70 °C and above, and frost in winter can reach -35 оС. The main consumers of electricity will be electric motors, lighting systems, C&I, and office equipment. As the power plant will operate in a stand-alone mode, one of its key characteristics is high reliability and elasticity to loads in the range from 0% to 100% without reducing the engine life. Besides, the equipment is characterized by its economical operation, long service intervals — up to 8000 hours, and the lack of the need for a constant presence of maintenance staff.

Earlier, four power plants ENEX 1000 and three power plants ENEX 130 have already been shipped to the Uzbekneftegaz facilities.