High-temperature pyrolysis systems

COMPEX high-temperature pyrolysis (HTP) systems

Bringing more than 14 years of experience in providing advanced solutions and equipment for distributed generation market, BPC Engineering is proud to present its new cutting-edge solution for organic materials processing into synthesis gas to generate on-site electricity and heat. The COMPEX system is based on the unique patented high-temperature pyrolysis technology that allows using organic materials (including wood, peat, shale, lignite, bituminous coals, agricultural wastes, etc.) to produce fuel for power generating systems. COMPEX pyrolysis systems are compatible with various types of generating equipment, such as microturbines, gas turbines, gas reciprocating engines, etc. High-temperature pyrolysis converts biomass into synthesis gas, pyrolysis oil and high-carbon material.

he equipment is produced in Russia under brand COMPEX at the BPC’s factory (Yaroslavl Region) and is certified in accordance with international standards as well as local standards in the countries of destination.

COMPEX high-temperature pyrolysis (HTP) systems are based on the thermochemical decomposition of organic materials in absence of oxygen at high temperatures (500-900 °C).


  • Recovery of organic (industrial and domestic) wastes and low-quality wares without demand in market.
  • Extraction of fuel gas for generating units. Green, waste-free production.
  • Reduction of energy costs through the use of waste materials for electricity and heat generation.
  • Power generation in remote areas with no traditional energy resources available.

Raw materials:

  • Agricultural wastes including cattle and poultry wastes and manure
  • Crop wastes including flax shive, straw, etc.
  • Consumer and food industry wastes
  • Domestic wastes including paper, plastic wastes, tires and rubber
  • Peat, shale, bituminous coal, lignite, coal sludge
  • Wood scrap

Synthesis gas production for electricity and heat generation

Turnkey projects
  • Design and engineering
  • Manufacture
  • Shipment
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Warranty and maintenance services

High-temperature pyrolysis products

COMPEX systems ensure regulation and adjustment of output in accordance with the required products quality (chemical composition and physical properties) for further use in technological process.

Pyrolysis oil is a hydrocarbon liquid used in organic synthesis to produce motor fuels, food flavoring agents or in CHP plants and boilers.

High-carbon materials are solid, coal-like materials with high carbon content (up to 90%) used in metallurgy, chemical and food industries, and in power generation (high-BTU fuel, more than 30 MJ/kg).

Syngas is a gaseous hydrocarbon mixture with calorific value of at least 34 MJ/m3 intended for the use in generating systems and gas consuming equipment. It is also used as a raw material for organic synthesis.

Thermal energy is a by-product of fast pyrolysis process. Superheated steam with temperatures over 270°C may be used for heating and hot water, technological processes or power generation by steam generators.