Mobile Compressor Systems

COMPEX Mobile Compressor Systems For Gas Upstream Redevelopment

Production of depleting fields is characterized by the low rate of stranded gas reserves due to intensive formation pressure drop and constant wellbore pressure drop.

COMPEX modular mobile screw compressors are designed for wellhead compression to optimize gas production, boost extraction efficiency and reduce costs. Integrated mobile solution features full automation and high availability even in harsh environmental conditions.

Flow chart of distributed compression:

Distributed compression concept implies operation of COMPEX MCS (Mobile Compressor System) at separate wellheads acting as a first compression stage for preliminary natural gas compression. Then, the gas flows through a common gas gathering header and is finally compressed in a gas booster station. This cycle allows increasing capacity of gas pipeline from wellhead to gas gathering header, reducing wellhead pressure and increasing well yield.

MCS COMPEX feature high reliability even handling wet gases and low-quality gases with high H2S and CO2 contents.


  • Gas conditioning and maintenance of production rates under conditions of intensive formation pressure drop
  • Boost production of depleting gas wells
  • Gas production optimization, gas recovery ratio increase
  • Well life extension and profitable operation of depleting gas fields
  • Low-pressure gas treatment and compression
  • Gas and gas condensate fields’ formation fluid removal