Gas Desulfurization Units

Associated and Natural Gas Desulfurization Units

Efficient H2S Single-Stage Catalytic Conversion

Hydrogen sulfide utilization remains an issue for the extractive  industry.  BPC  Engineering,  drawing  on the leading scientific developments and experience in  aggressive  gases  handling,  presents  COMPEX – compact single-stage systems for associated gas desulfurization.

Equipment is manufactured at the Company’s facility in   Yaroslavl   Region,   Russia,   under   own   brand COMPEX  ensuring  full  compliance  of  the  products to customer’s specifications. Desulfurization systems fully comply with the requirements of oil&gas industry in terms of reliability, efficiency and sustainability.

COMPEX  systems  use  patented  technology  for  direct oxidation of hydrogen sulfide to elemental sulfur:

H2S + 0,5 O2 стрелка + H2O + Q

Unlike  other  catalyst  technologies  used  in  the  industry, like  Claus  or  Lo-Cat  processes,  COMPEX  desulfurization systems  feature  compact  size  and  are  more  efficient  in terms of capital and operational costs. These systems are environmentally safe and ensure efficient treatment of gas with hydrogen sulfide contents ranging from 0.1% to 95% vol.


  • Hydrogen sulfide utilization after amine cleaning in gas treatment plants
  • Hydrogen sulfide utilization at petrochemical facilities and gas processing plants
Gas processing system typical arrangement

Gas processing system typical arrangement:

  • Amine cleaning unit
  • Sour gas catalytic utilization unit