Gas Processing Units

Gas Processing Units

BPC Engineering – the leading provider of advanced solutions for gas treatment and compression – designs and manufactures custom gas processing units under brand COMPEXTM for oil&gas industry.

The equipment is manufactured at the BPC Engineering plant in Tutaev city, Yaroslavl Region. COMPEXTM gas processing units are tailored to customer’s specifications and meet industry’s key requirements in terms of reliability, efficiency and operational availability.


Gas Processing Units COMPEX<sup>TM</sup>
  • Fuel gas conditioning for microturbine and turbine units
  • Fuel gas conditioning for reciprocating engines
  • Fuel gas conditioning compressor for mechanical drives


  • Mechanical particles removal
  • Condensed moisture separation
  • Gas heating/cooling to specified temperature
  • Gas pressure reduction to specified level
  • Revenue metering


  • Gas processing units are customized per specific customer’s requirements
  • Automatic drainage of gas condensate
  • Reliability and easy maintenance
  • High operational compatibility and low capital costs
  • Wide range of inlet pressures and temperatures