ENEX Series S Power Plants Based on Stirling Engines

ENEX Series S power plants are based on highly efficient Stirling external combustion engines running on liquid or gaseous hydrocarbon fuel of virtually any composition.
ENEX S-3.5 and ENEX S-7.5 are based on a patented technology of free-piston Stirling engine (FPSE) manufactured in USA. Unlike traditional kinematic Stirling engine this technology has less moving parts and consequently features improved reliability and ease of operation and service.

Free-Piston Stirling Engine – Best in its Class

  • Plug-and-play design
  • Best-in-class technical parameters
  • Sole Stirling engine with power output › 1 kW in batch production
  • More than $300 million in R&D and production
  • Design is protected by 26 patents

Platform product – engine-system

Engines with unit power output of 3.5 kW and 7.5 kW
Scalability (cascades with power output of dozens kilowatts)

Unique fuel system provides opportunity to use almost any type of gas fuel. Heater head is made of material resistant to high-temperature corrosion allowing to use even aggressive fuels, such as associated gas and biogas with high hydrogen sulfide contents.
ENEX Series S power plants are designed for operation at remote locations supplying power for strategically important facilities with small power consumption (from several kilowatts to dozens kilowatts):

  • gas transportation facilities: linear parts of gas pipelines, gas booster stations, in-line compressor stations, gas distribution stations;
  • uninterruptible power supply for telecom facilities: broadcast relay stations, communication hubs, base stations, points of interconnection;
  • power supply of railway facilities: railway junctions, crossings, shunting towers, shunting loops, intermediate signals, block sections;
  • reliable and efficient power supply for public and housing utilities, social facilities, healthcare facilities, and private houses.

Heat Sources:

  • gas (natural gas, associated gas. biogas)
  • propane
  • solar energy

Currently, a new heater head is under development to use solid organic fuels (coal, organic wastes)

Advantages of Stirling-Based ENEX Power Plants:

  • Low noise – less than 65 dBA
  • No engine maintenance – up to 60 000 hours of continuous operation
  • Electrical efficiency – 25%
  • Simple design – only 63 parts
  • No friction, hence no need in lubrication oil
  • Low emissions through fuel pre-mixing with air

ENEX Series S vs Other Solutions

 ENEX SCapstoneOrmatCleanergyTEG (Saratov)
Capital Costs low moderate high moderate high
Efficiency high high low moderate low
Maintenance costs low moderate low moderate low
Scalability high high moderate moderate low