Gas Compressors


COMPEX (Compressor Expert) is a trademark of BPC Engineering - an OEM manufacturer of booster compressors and booster compressor stations.

COMPEX™ gas boosters are manufactured from components supplied by leading world producers and tailored to specific customer’s requirements, gas composition, climate conditions, and local laws and regulations. Our compressors boast high efficiency, ease of maintenance, sustainability, and reliable operation, even with complex gases including gases with high nitrogen and H2S contents (up to 7%).

Today, BPC Engineering offers a wide range of COMPEX™ compressor standard models with capacity ranging from 20m³/hour to 60000m³/hour and manufactures compressors per individual customer’s requests.

The above include: mobile compressor stations, modular compressor stations, screw compressor stations, nitrogen compressor stations, gas transmission stations, high pressure booster compressors.

The BPC’s manufacturing facility is capable to promptly address customers’ requests providing high-quality products and services at competitive price. Advanced manufacturing techniques and quality management system compliant with GOST R ISO 9001-2008 assure high quality of the products.

BPC Engineering performs full range of works including manufacture, installation and maintenance of gas compression systems.

Engineering of compressor stations

  • Standard solutions
  • Custom solutions


  • Own manufacturing facility in Russia (Tutaev, Yaroslavl Region)
  • Components from the world's leading manufacturers: Dresser-Rand, Rotorcomp, Termomeccanica, Siemens, Omron, Hitachi, Control Techniques, VMC, GHH Rand, Ariel, Frick (Johnson Controls)

Supply Options

  • Skid-mounted compressors
  • Enclosed compressors
  • Containerized booster compressor packages (Gas Boosting Stations)


  • Flexible service contracts
  • Extended warranty plans available

  • high reliability
  • stand-alone operation (powered by a generating unit)
  • mobility
  • low operating costs
  • easy maintenance
  • highly efficient and green gas compression including associated with heavy hydrocarbons and H2S
  • compliance with the requirements of the existing Technical Specifications
  • certification for operation in potentially explosive atmospheres
  • reliable and failure-free operation provided that transportation, storage and operation requirements are observed
  • failure recovery and replacement of parts and components at the manufacturer's expenses within the warranty period