Absorption Chillers

Absorption Chillers

In its projects BPC Engineering uses the most advanced, reliable and efficient equipment available. For heat and cooling generation and air conditioning systems we offer our clients absorption chillers and heat pumps of the world's leading manufacturers – World Energy, Broad, Century.
Absorption chillers are an ideal solution to use with CHP plants maximizing their efficiency through recovering waste heat into cooling. Exhaust gas fired absorption chillers generate cooling/heat converting thermal energy from an engine or turbine exhaust gases. Combined cooling, heating and power generation (CCHP), also known as trigeneration, provides significant increase of a power plant overall efficiency that can reach up to 90-96%.

Absorption Chiller Operation

Absorption chiller operation is based on the effect when in vacuum water boils at a low temperature and carries heat away from chilled medium circuit. Lithium bromide (LiBr), which has a high affinity for water, absorbs water vapors forming diluted solution that is pumped into generator where it is evaporated by hot steam, hot water, exhaust gases, etc. Concentrated lithium bromide solution then returns into the absorber and water vapor flows into the condenser for the next cycle.


  • Air conditioning systems of industrial, office and residential buildings;
  • Process cooling systems (chemical industry, petroleum refining industry, metallurgy, food processing industry, etc.);
  • Warehouses and terminals for storing and processing in agriculture, pharmaceuticals and other industries.

Heat Sources

  • Low-temperature hot water (70-95°C)
  • Low pressure steam (1-8 bar)
  • Low-temperature hot gases (250-700°C)
  • Any fuel for direct-fired chillers

Advantages of BPC Engineering Chillers

  • Eco-friendly technology – no Freon used
  • Low electricity consumption
  • Low noise and vibration levels
  • Microprocessor-controlled operation
  • Low initial investments
  • High reliability
  • Improved fuel efficiency

World Energy Absorption Chillers

World Energy is a highly efficient and reliably chillers that meet the requirements of international standards. Wide range of World Energy equipment makes it an ideal solution for various applications at small to large facilities: air conditioning, cooling, heating and heat pumps. World Energy special solutions for maritime applications provide a reliable cooling through the use of waste heat from a main propulsion engine. The design of maritime absorption chillers ensures high mechanical resistance and prevents the mixing of LiBr solution with refrigerant.

Completed Projects

BPC Engineering has extensive experience in implementing projects with absorption chillers for various applications. More than 30% of our projects include combined power, heating and cooling generation.

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