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Director General R.H. Fassakhov  OJSC Tatoilgas

LLC BPC Engineering has completed a project for associated gas utilization based on microturbines at the Urmyshlinskoye oilfield of Tatoilgaz. BPC supplied three Capstone C65 microturbines, a Capstone C800 microturbine system, and COMPEX 9 and COMPEX 45 gas booster stations. Also, the company performed installation supervision, pre-commissioning and customer’s personnel training.

… Based on the positive experience with the pilot operation in December 2011 and June 2012 the power plant power output was expanded to 995 kW by installing additional microturbine modules.

…We look forward to continuing our cooperation and recommend BPC Engineering as a partner for associated gas utilization projects.

Director General R. H. Fassakhov
OJSC Tatoilgas
Director General V.V. Klimchuk GUPP "Berezovskoye Housing and Public Utilities"

Byarozovkoye Housing and Public Utility cooperated with BPC Engineering within the project for boiler house #8 renovation located in the Severny Gorodok district of Byaroza city (Brest Region).

… Due to low cost of maintenance the prime cost of onsite power generation is as low as $0.06 per kW•h, which is almost twice lower than utility rates. This will allow Byarozovskoye Housing and Public Utility to save about $55 thousand on purchasing electricity from Belenergo Utility Company. As a whole, the project provided significant savings through the implementation of power efficient equipment and cogeneration.

We express gratitude to BPC Engineering for the well executed works. Hereby we confirm high technical qualification of the BPC's personnel and recommend this company as an experienced and reliable partner in projects for power efficiency with the use of microturbines.
Director General V. V. Klimchuk
GUPP «Berezovskoye Housing and Public Utilities»

«BPC Engineering acted as a general contractor of PermTOTIneft executed a turnkey project for installation of a 1.8-MW microturbine plant to utilize associated gas produced at the Garyushkinskoye oilfield in the Perm Region…

Currently the plant has accumulated 8000 running hours. It utilizes 9000 cubic meters of associated gas daily. The commissioning of the plant ensured reduction of power consumption from utility grid by 14 million kW•h and cut electricity costs of the company by almost 2 times.

TOTISA HOLDING S.A. expresses gratitude to BPC Engineering and its personnel for the high-quality execution of a technically complex project for PermTOTIneft staying in the limits of the initial budget…»

Chief Manager Jorge Barros
Chief Manager Jorge Barros TOTISA HOLDING S.A
Chief Manager Jorge Barros TOTISA HOLDING S.A
Director Kuzmin S. A. LLC Avenue

Currently, after 7 years of service, the mini CHP plant runs smoothly providing power, heat and hot water for our trade company and restaurant.

We thank BPC Engineering management and personnel ofr the help and support during the project. We look forward to further our cooperation.

Director Kuzmin S. A.
LLC Avenue

«BPC Engineering has proved itself to be a reliable contractor of LLC Sladkovsko-Zarechnoye in a project for power supply of the Sladkovsko-Zarechnoye oilfield in the Orenburg Region. BPC Engineering performed supply, installation supervision and commissioning of generating equipment. As a result a 65-kW Capstone microturbine running on associated gas was launched on th site.

… Successful cooperation with BPC Engineering drove us to signing an extended service contract with the company in September, 2013. The 5-year agreement includes scheduled and emergency maintenance costs. As a result, prime cost of on-site generated electricity does not exceeed 1.7 Rubles per kW•h..»

Executive Director I. V. Tolstykh
LLC Sladkovsko-Zarechnoye
Executive Director I.V. Tolstykh LLC Sladkovsko-Zarechnoye
Executive Director I.V. Tolstykh LLC Sladkovsko-Zarechnoye
Director A. V. Shchurok ALC Belavtozapchast

«ALC Belavtozapchast has partnered with BPC Engineering under a project for the modernization of the enterprize's power supply system. Implemented in 2014, the project included the replacement of obsolete diesel engines with advanced microturbines.

… Today, the microturbine plant reliably covers about 95% of the company's needs in electricity, while the rest is supplied from the utility grid. Thermal energy produced by the plant is captured and used in technological process increasing overall energy efficiency of operation.

We thank the BPC Engineering management and specialists for high-quality works under project and recommend this company as a reliable and experienced contractor.»

Director A. V. Shchurok
ALC Belavtozapchast

«BPC Engineering presented its case history and solutions for energy efficiency and energy conservation based on microturbine units during a meeting held by the Moscow Department for Fuel and Energy on the 25th of November, 2014.

… As a result of the meeting and based on the presented materials the Department recommends microturbine power plants of foreign and domestic origin for implementation at CHP facilities in Moscow.»

First Deputy of Department Head V. G. Pleshivtsev
Moscow Department for Fuel and Energy
First Deputy of Department Head V.G. Pleshivtsev Moscow Department for Fuel and Energy
First Deputy of Department Head V.G. Pleshivtsev Moscow Department for Fuel and Energy
Director A. A. Kulikov LLC Impulse

«…Installation of a CHP microturbine was performed in 2014 to enhance overall energy efficiency and reliability of the district boiler house that supplies heat to 18 apartment buildings and 26 non-residential facilities including a kinder-garden and an orphanage. The Capstone microturbine features reliable and stable oil-free operation at variable loads and demands service only once a year (8 000 running hours).

…Based on the positive experience of the microturbine plant operation we plan to continue our partnership with BPC Engineering and add another C65 Capstone microturbine to our boiler house…»

Director A. A. Kulikov
LLC Impulse
Chief Engineer S.M. Severin State Entity "Yunost Resort"

By the present letter, Yunost Resort administration informs that three CHP Capstone C65 microturbine units were commissioned in January, 2014, at the resort's boiler house.
Since then the Capstone microturbines have proved to be reliable, user-friendly and efficient equipment. BPC Egineering performs warranty and service maintenance of the installed microturbines…»

Chief Engineer S. M. Severin
State Entity «Yunost Resort»

«…At present, the ENEX power plant operates as a primary power source paralleled with the utility grid and supplies power to submersible pumps of ten oil wells as well as pipeline and tanks heating system and other process equipment..

During the project BPC Engineering proved itself as a reliable partner with the highly professional team who performed all works at high level and in accordance with the schedule. LLC Nedra-K is looking forward to continuing cooperation with this company and expanding total power output of the power plant. We recommend BPC Engineering as a reliable partner for flare gas utilization projects.»

First Vice-President D. N. Trubnikov

«To date an ENEX 600 power plant based on Capstone C200 microturbines has been in operation at the Timerovkoye oilfield for a year proving to be reliable and efficient equipment. The plant utilizes all the associated gas produced by the oilfield and supplies power to the process equipment.

OJSC RITEK has signed a service contract with BPC Engineering that has great experience in installation and maintenance of associated gas handling facilities. The company has shown itself a reliable partner with highly professional and prompt specialists…»

Chief Power Engineer G. K. Ioanesyan
LLC Vito Term

«…The implementation of Capstone microturbines helped increase overall efficiency of the boiler house and ensure reliable heat and hot water supply for the 4th micro-district of Krasny Sulin. The high-quality equipment was shipped with all necessary tests and certifications. Successful commissioning of the site coincided with the New Year celebration. Your contribution to the commissioning of the CHP plant in such short time was highly appreciated by the city administration…»

General Director A. V. Yashchenko
LLC Vito Term

In December 2012 a 1-MW Capstone microturbine-based CHP plant was commissioned at a JSC Gazprom Space Systems telecom center.
LLC BPC Engineering played the crucial role in the CHP plant installation project.
In the result of one year’s CHP plant operation JSC Gazprom Space Systems confirms right choice of generating equipment.
Main advantages of the CHP plant include high reliability in stand-alone mode, absence of lubricants or coolants, small quantity of spare parts and consumables, easy maintenance, high load flexibility, green operation, capability to run the plant at low power demand without affecting its life, remote monitoring and control capabilities.
Due to low prime cost of the generated power in comparison with the utility rates JSC Gazprom Space Systems achieved significant energy cost savings in 2013.
As of today, the equipment runs fail-free without any failures or emergent events thanks to highly professional installation and maintenance works of BPC Engineering.
JSC Gazprom Space Systems plans to expand its existing plant in Shchyolkovo and install a new microturbine-based power plant at the Space Vehicle Assembly Facility in Shchyolkovo.
Considering positive experience of cooperation in the field of the installation of technically complex distributed generation source we are happy to invite you to participate in tenders for new energy supply project held by JSC Gazprom Space Systems.

N.N. Rybakov Deputy General Director
JSC Gazprom Space Systems
ОАО «Газпром космические системы»
ОАО «Газпром космические системы»
ООО «Газпром трансгаз Санкт-Петербург»

BPC Engineering is a Capstone microturbines supplier for project on energy supply for facilities of the North-European Gas Pipeline. A pilot containerized power plant based on two Capstone C65 microturbines was commissioned at 597th km of the pipeline in 2009. The power station consists of two Capstone C65 microturbines, one of which is used as a prime generator and another one is back-up, increasing reliability of power supply. Following the results of the pilot operation the advantages of microturbine-based containerized power station were proved and the decision in the favor of this type of generating equipment at other divisions of the Pipeline was made. As for today, 6 Capstone C65 microturbines were supplied for containerized power stations of the North-European Gas Pipeline. Also, it is planned to use Capstone C30 microturbines for power supply at gas-distribution stations.
During the cooperation between Gazprom Transgaz Saint-Petersburg, LLC and BPC Engineering, LLC the BPC specialists have shown high professionalism, ensured qualified support, and quickly handled operation-related questions

V.N. Sivokon
Chief Engineer – First Deputy General Director

Gazprom Transgaz Saint-Petersburg, LLC
ЗАО «Ямалгазинвест»

Since 2008 BPC Engineering, LLC has been a supplier of Capstone microturbines for distributed generation at facilities of linear parts of gas pipelines projects of Yamalgazinvest, CJSC.
For today, BPC has supplied more than 50 Capstone C30 and C65 microturbines for containerized power stations that are used at Yamalgazinvest’s sites: North-European Gas Pipeline and Bovanenkovo-Ukhta gas pipeline system.
The decision in the favor of Capstone microturbines was made due to high reliability, efficiency and ecological features of the equipment complying with strict power generation safety requirements. Containerized version ensures stable operation even at extremely low temperatures.
Yamalgazinvest, CJSC acknowledges high professionalism of BPC Engineering’s specialists and thanks for comprehensive support and qualified consultations.

S.Y. Filippov
Head of Power Engineering Facilities Construction
and Commissioning Department

Yamalgazinvest, CJSC