BPC Engineering’s manufacturing facility, located in Tutaev, Yaroslavl Region, is the only Russia’s manufacturer of Capstone microturbine-based packaged power plants under its own trademark – ENEX (Energy Expert). The factory also produces wide range of gas compressors and gas boosting stations under trademark COMPEX (Compressor Expert). BPC’s products feature high efficiency, reliability, easy maintenance, and sustainability. Qualified engineering personnel performs design and complete power plants and booster compressors in accordance with customers’ specific requirements, operational conditions and local norms and regulations.

All produced equipment undergoes strict quality control and is certified in compliance with Russian and international standards.

Facility’s main activities include:

  • Manufacture of ENEX microturbines and packaged microturbine power plants under license agreements with Capstone Turbine Corporation and Dresser Rand;
  • Manufacture of containers tailored for customers’ needs;
  • Manufacture and assembly of COMPEX gas booster compressors and gas boosting stations and separate components of containerized power plants.

Total area of the facility is 29 561 m², 3 000 m² of which are occupied by shop floors. The territory also includes equipment and components warehouse and logistics center allowing for prompt shipment of equipment to customers.

Total number of the factory employees is 95 people.