The idea of creating BPC Engineering was born in 2001. This was preceded by the thorough study and analysis of energy industry development prospects. At the same time, there were serious discussions devoted to reforms in the energy industry. The reforms were aimed at the promotion of new power generating technologies that would provide complex solutions: reliable power supply, environmental sustainability, highly automated operation, and low operational and maintenance costs.

Based on the results of the profound global market analysis the BPC management decided to promote distributed generation technologies that were virtually new to the Russia's market at that time.


  • BPC Engineering won the Golden Lightning Prize of the International Award «Distributed Power Generation – Great Achievements» in the category «Advanced Development in the Sphere of Power Industry» for the development of the COMPEX HTP packaged high-temperature pyrolysis system.
  • A mini-CHP station based on an ENEX 600 power plant construction was completed in Nysh village on the Sakhalin.
  • A 325-kW microturbine power plant commissioned for a boiler house in an military unit in Kalach-on-Don, Volgograd Region.
  • A 195-kW microturbine power plant installation was completed at one of the largest bakeries in Belarus – Bakery #5 of Minskhlebprom.
  • ENEX power plant running on the annular gas of the Rosneft's Van-Eganskoye oil&fas field in the Tyumen Region successfully completed pilot operation.
  • BPC Engineering signed a contract with Uzbekneftegaz to supply ENEX power plants and COMPEX equipment. The project was carried out under the World Bank-led Global Gas Flaring Reduction Partnership (GGFR).
  • An advanced microturbine power plant commissioned in Minsk for the Scientific and Practical Center»Cardiology» of the Ministry of Health of Belarus.


  • BPC Engineering won the «Advanced Solutions for Energy Conservation» contest in the category «Best innovative solution for energy conservation» with its ENEX 25 hybrid power plant.
  • At the Oil and Gas 2015 Expo BPC Engineering presented new ENEX Series S power plant based on a patented free-piston Stirling engine technology.
  • BPC Engineering secured enlisting Capstone microturbines in list of equipment that don't have domestic analogues and is not subject to VAT.
  • BPC Engineering signed an agreement with DTC ECOENERGIA for distributing COMPEXTM gas compression and processing equipment in Mexico. T
  • A 4-MW microturbine power plant commissioned for the Minsk Worsted Facility – the largest textile manufacturer in Belarus.
  • BPC Engineering signed a distributor contract with SF Technologies (RSA) for exclusive supply of the Russian gas treatment equipment under brand COMPEX to the Republic of South Africa.
  • A 1-MW microturbine power plant commissioned for a complex of the Central Customs Administration in the center of Moscow on Komsomolskaya Square.
  • Microturbines with total power output of 130 kW were installed within the framework of Bereza Utilities boiler house renovation project in Belarus.
  • A mini CHP plant put into operation at one of the largest industrial enterprises of the Tambov Region – JSC Komsomoletz Tambov Plant n.a. N.S. Artemov.
  • An ENEX microturbine power plant running on associated gas commissioned at the Lineynoye oilfield for LLC Stimul-T.
  • BPC Engineering signed a row of contracts with Rosneft for the manufacture of three COMPEX compressor stations to handle associated gas.
  • A 2-MW microturbine power plant commissioned for one of the largest business centers complex – LLC Hunt-Holding.


  • BPC Engineering presented new ENEX hybrid power plant employing renewable energy sources.
  • The plant combines several energy generation sources, power storage system and flexible power control system.
  • ENEX 25 hybrid power plant combining microturbine, solar panels, advanced energy storage system with smart energy management system was recognized as the best project in the field of alternative energy at the Russian contest of innovative materials and technology «Energy Efficiency and Conservation».
  • BPC Engineering became a finalist of the National Prize «Big Achievements in Small Energy» in categories «Best project in distributed generation with power output up to 6MW» and «Best renewable energy project».
  • BPC Engineering was listed in TOP 54 companies providing power efficiency and energy conservation services by RBC.research Marketing Agency.
  • ENEX 600 microturbine power plant commissioned at Alenka Trade House — a manufacturer of protective workwear located in the Nizhny Novgorod Region.
  • The first innovative project for microturbines implementation in the Pskov Region completed at the Region's largest food processing facility — «Pskov Bakery».
  • A project for upgrade of a boiler house to mini-CHP plant with implementation of an ENEX 1000 system completed at Lepel Dairy Plant, the leading producer of powdered milk and butter in the Vitebsk Region (Belarus).
  • A microturbine power plant for associated gas utilization commissioned at the Garyushki water-removal unit in the Perm Region.
  • A power plant based on 10 Capstone C65 microturbines commissioned at the largest poultry farm in Yakutia.
  • BPC Engineering presented efficient solutions for gas treatment and compression at POWER-GEN International Exhibition in Orlando (Florida, USA) — COMPEX gas boosters.
  • A 130-kW power plant supplies green power for a unique agro-tourist complex «Nanosi» in Belarus.
  • The first stage of a distributed power plant with ENEX 800 system commissioned at Magnet shopping mall, Magnitogorsk.


  • BPC Engineering unveiled its own trademarks — ENEX (Energy Expert) for microturbine power plants and COMPEX (Compressor Expert) for gas booster compressors manufactured at the Company's facility in Tutaev, the Yaroslavl Region.
  • BPC Engineering commissioned the first biogas power plant in the Baltic region based on Capstone microturbines. The plant utilizes biogas produced by a wastewater treatment plant in Marijampole, Lithuania.
  • BPC Engineering became an exclusive distributor in Russia and the CIS of ZBB Energy Corporation — a leading developer of advanced energy storage and intelligent power control platforms.
  • Belarusian Department for Energy Efficiency approved Capstone microturbines for implementation in various projects called to increase power efficiency and energy conservation.
  • A 1000-kW distributed microturbine power plant commissioned for Gazprom Space Systems. The construction was dedicated to the launch of a new satellite «Yamal-402».
  • BPC Engineering opened a round-the-clock Call Center to improve quality and response speed of incoming requests processing.
  • 600-kW ENEX microturbine power plant commissioned at the Timerovskoye oilfield of TatRITEKneft.
  • The plant utilizes associated gas with high nitrogen contents (59%) and low contents of methane — as low as 26.6%.
  • Microturbine power plants launched at five sites of Yakutsk-Mirny-Lensk radio-relay line under order from Rostelecom.
  • BPC Engineering commissioned mini-CHP plant based on Capstone C65 microturbine under the project for the renovation of an urban boiler house in Mikhaylovsk, the Stavropol Region.
  • The first mobile oil wells exploration units based on Capstone microturbines were shipped to the Kasibskoye and Bortomskoye oilfields under order from Lukoil-Perm.


  • BPC Engineering and Tatneft — one of the biggest oil companies in Russia — created a joint venture for the manufacture and maintenance of Capstone-based packaged power plants. The new company performs development, testing and upgrading of standard solutions for associated gas utilization including gases with high hydrogen sulfide and nitrogen content.
  • Microturbine plants for associated gas utilization commissioned at 9 oilfields of Lukoil-Perm.
  • BPC Engineering won the All-Russian Award «Company of the Year — 2012» in the nomination «Promoting Innovation» (Project management and engineering sector).
  • A microturbine power plant based on Capstone C1000 launched at the South Ural State University. The power plant supplies reliable power for the three university's supercomputers.
  • Capstone C1000 microturbine system commissioned at the largest shopping mall in Adler — «New Century». The 1000-kW microturbine replaced obsolete gas piston engines.
  • A trigeneration mini power plant based on Capstone microturbines commissioned at the office center of Military Insurance Company in the Moscow Region.
  • BPC Engineering won the All-Russian contest of energy-efficient practices ENERGIUM 2012, held with the support of the Russian Economic Development Ministry.


  • 600-kW microturbine power plant commissioned at the largest repair and maintenance facility of the Belarusian Railway — Baranovichi locomotive depot.
  • BPC Kazakhstan established to promote development of Power Systmes in the CIS countries.
  • CHP plant based on two Capstone C1000 Series microturbine systems commissioned at the boiler house of Yakutcement.
  • Trigeneration system based on 14 Capstone C65 microturbines commissioned at the central repair and warehouse complex of Liebherr-Russland.
  • The first in the world Capstone C1000-based distributed power plant for associated gas utilization commissioned at the East-Sotchemyu-Talyu oilfield under order from Pechoraneftegaz. The power plant utilizes 5.7 million m³ per year of associated gas with up to 1.2% of hydrogen sulfide.


  • First stage of a gas turbine power plant commissioned at the Basalt Materials Plant in Yakutia. The plant comprises 4 Capstone C1000 Series microturbine systems in two-level arrangement.
  • BPC Engineering opened regional office in Minsk, which became a full-fledged provider of power efficient solutions in Belarus.
  • The project for the Rodnikovskoye oilfield power supply completed. The new 7.2MW distributed power plant includes 4 OPRA gas turbines and utilizes 95% of associated gas produced by the oilfield.


  • The first C1000 Series microturbine system in Russia shipped for the distributed power plant of the Basalt Materials Plant, Yakutsk.
  • Trolza — a Russian producer of trolleybuses — and BPC Power Systems presented the first innovative urban transport ECOBUS – an HEV bus with Capstone C65 microturbine on board.
  • BPC commenced installation of the largest OPRA turbine-based power plant for the Zapadno-Malobalykskoye oilfield. The total power output of the plant comprising 8 turbine units is 16MW allowing for utilization of 50 million m³ of associated gas annually.
  • BPC Power Systems completed project for power supply of Taya and Chagda villages in Yakutia under order from Sakhaenergo.
  • Advanced CHP plants based on C65 Capstone microturbines replaced outdated diesel engines.


  • Power plants, comprising in total 22 Capstone C30 microturbines commissioned along gas pipeline Okha (Sakhalin) — Komsomolsk-on-Amur (Khabarovsk Region).
  • BPC Yakutia established to promote distributed power generation projects in Eastern Siberia and the Far East.
  • A gas turbine power plant commissioned at the Yuzhno-Russkoye oil and gas field for JSC Severneftegazprom.


  • BPC Power Systems commenced the construction of its own facility for packaging mini power plants based on advanced, high-tech technology.
  • Certification to ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System.


  • BPC licensed for general contracting (construction of turnkey power plants).
  • A distributed trigeneration plant commissioned at the Apteki 36.6 office. The plant generates cooling, heat, and electricity (CCHP).


  • An OPRA turbine-based mini power plant commissioned at the construction site of the International Business Center 'Moscow City'.
  • The largest microturbine power plant in Russia commissioned at Igora Ski Resort. The plant comprises 38 Capstone microturbines.


  • The first project with OPRA gas turbines in Russia.
  • Contract signed with Lukoil North to install a gas turbine power plant at the Tedinskoye oilfield of the Timan-Pechora Basin.


  • The first project with Capstone microturbines: the installation of a distributed mini-power plant of a radio relay station in Khanty-Mansiysk under the order from Uralsvyazinform.
  • An exclusive distributor agreement signed with OPRA (Netherlands), one of the leading manufacturers of high-tech gas turbines.


  • BPC Power Systems established.
  • An exclusive distributor agreement signed with Capstone Turbine Corp. (USA), the world's leading manufacturer of microturbine engine systems.