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«…Installation of a CHP microturbine was performed in 2014 to enhance overall energy efficiency and reliability of the district boiler house that supplies heat to 18 apartment buildings and 26 non-residential facilities including a kinder-garden and an orphanage. The Capstone microturbine features reliable and stable oil-free operation at variable loads and demands service only once a year (8 000 running hours).

…Based on the positive experience of the microturbine plant operation we plan to continue our partnership with BPC Engineering and add another C65 Capstone microturbine to our boiler house…»

Director A. A. Kulikov
LLC Impulse
Gas Compressors

COMPEX (Compressor Expert) is a trademark of BPC Engineering — an OEM manufacturer of booster compressors and booster compressor stations.

COMPEX™ gas boosters are manufactured from components supplied by leading world producers and tailored to specific customer’s requirements, gas composition, climate conditions, and local laws and regulations. Our compressors boast high efficiency, ease of maintenance, sustainability, and reliable operation, even with complex gases including gases with high nitrogen and H2S contents (up to 7%).

COMPEX™ gas boosters are intended for treatment, purification, and compression of various gases. The compressors feature highly efficient, reliable, safe and green operation. Wide range of standard models and packages and availability of individually tailored solutions for specific applications ensure meeting any customer’s needs. (more)