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Customer Feedback

«ALC Belavtozapchast has partnered with BPC Engineering under a project for the modernization of the enterprize's power supply system. Implemented in 2014, the project included the replacement of obsolete diesel engines with advanced microturbines.

… Today, the microturbine plant reliably covers about 95% of the company's needs in electricity, while the rest is supplied from the utility grid. Thermal energy produced by the plant is captured and used in technological process increasing overall energy efficiency of operation.

We thank the BPC Engineering management and specialists for high-quality works under project and recommend this company as a reliable and experienced contractor.»

Director A. V. Shchurok
ALC Belavtozapchast
Gas Compressors

COMPEX (Compressor Expert) is a trademark of BPC Engineering — an OEM manufacturer of booster compressors and booster compressor stations.

COMPEX™ gas boosters are manufactured from components supplied by leading world producers and tailored to specific customer’s requirements, gas composition, climate conditions, and local laws and regulations. Our compressors boast high efficiency, ease of maintenance, sustainability, and reliable operation, even with complex gases including gases with high nitrogen and H2S contents (up to 7%).

COMPEX™ gas boosters are intended for treatment, purification, and compression of various gases. The compressors feature highly efficient, reliable, safe and green operation. Wide range of standard models and packages and availability of individually tailored solutions for specific applications ensure meeting any customer’s needs. (more)